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  • HR matters: Is Europe’s workforce shrinking?

    David Fairhurst, Chief People Officer at McDonald’s Europe, warns that unless European employers do more to bring underemployed groups such as young people and older workers into the labour force, the region will suffer negative economic impacts. Some parts of Europe, he said, are already feeling the effects of what he calls a “workforce cliff”, which will become a “serious barrier to economic growth in future”.

  • The smartphone market: Low end meets high demand

    A wave of cheap smartphone brands is crashing on shores from Taiwan to the US, buoyed by rising demand, as sales for more expensive models level off. The demand is coming from a huge swath of price-conscious consumers in both emerging and advanced economies who are buying their first smartphones. Last year, shipments of smartphones priced below $80 more than quintupled, and devices priced under $100 comprised one-sixth of the total.

  • European CEOs still wary of investing

    Europe emerged from the longest recession since the euro’s inception in the second quarter of last year, according to European Union statistics, and analysts forecast earnings at Stoxx 600 companies to climb 9% to 22.92 euros a share in 2014, the most since 2007. And yet, CEOs remain cautious – an attitude being reflected in investments, which are expected to remain flat. Instead, Chief Executive Officers are opting to reward shareholders with higher dividends.


Meet Boyden Canada

In order to meet the demands of Canada’s robust market for talent, Boyden has launched a major expansion here. With 90 partners and staff in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario, Boyden Canada is now one of the country’s leading and largest executive search firms.

Having expanded offices in Toronto and Calgary as well as new offices in Ottawa and Vancouver, the new Boyden Canada consists of a dynamic team of experienced search professionals. Collectively, we cover all of Canada’s key industrial sectors and understand the unique challenges these industries face as well as the local standards that define them.

Internationally, Boyden gives clients access to a sophisticated network of more than 70 offices in 40 countries, including 13 major US cities. The offices are linked by leading-edge technology, and the entire firm is built around a focus on practice specialties and global collaboration.

Boyden’s success as an integrated, multicultural executive search firm is born out of our unique decentralised structure. We are distinct in our industry, in that no single national culture dominates our firm. Our clients engage directly with the local search experts who can serve them most effectively, while benefitting from the strengths of our entire global organisation.

Find out more about Boyden’s expanded Canadian presence.

Knowledge & Thought Leadership

  • Media File
    Perfect Digital Leaders and Other Unicorns

    Compared to its peers on the Exec, the role of the CIO has been changing at the speed of light. Let’s not go back to the “dark days” when they were considered overpaid-tecchies, but even in the last three years since the relentless advance of digital and other disruptive technologies, the role has been elevated in the eyes of other business leaders.

  • Media File
    How to Change the Way the Board Perceives You

    For CIO headhunters, exposure to boards is often limited to a distress purchase of a new CIO. Perhaps something along the lines: “this one is broken, can we have another one, please?” It can be rather depressing, taking a briefing from an organisation which clearly sees the CIO as an extra role on the Exec rather than being fundamental to the effective working of the top team.


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