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Deputy Minister, Health and Social Services

Yukon Government

Whitehorse, YT, Territories

Bring Strategic Thinking

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Drive a Holistic Approach

Yukon, with a land area larger than California, is home to only 38,000 residents.

Today, the Government of the Yukon has many, but not all, of the powers of a province. The legislative assembly has 19 members and 14 departments including: finance, justice, education, health and social services, community services, and energy, mines and resources. There are over 4,000 people working for the Government and its agencies.

With strong resource, technology, services and tourism sectors, a significant infrastructure program unfolding and a strong arts, culture and sports community Yukon is a vibrant territory. It is a territory that is connected to the rest of Canada with daily scheduled airline service from gateway cities that include Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Kelowna through carriers that include WestJet, Air Canada and Yukon’s own Air North.

As it relates to health and social services, the Government recognizes the long-term wellbeing and quality of life of all Yukoners is integral to the success of the Yukon as a society. As such, the Government is committed to taking care of the most vulnerable. Mental health, community-based health and social services, modernization of addiction and alcohol treatment, adequate hospital infrastructure, access to services and support in rural and remote communities and aging in place are all priorities that the Ministry of Health and Social Services will need to champion.

The recruitment of a Deputy Minister, Health and Social Services for this progressive territory is critical. The successful candidate will play a lead role in the development of a holistic approach to the wellbeing of all Yukoners and ensuring that the First Nations, rural and isolated communities have the health and social services to develop strong, healthy communities where children reach their full potential and the elderly are able to age in place with dignity and respect. The Deputy Minister, working closely with the Premier, Minister and collaboratively with the Deputy Ministries Council, will develop polices, strategies and programs that support the achievement of the objectives set out in in the mandate letter.

The ideal candidate is an experienced executive who over their career as a Deputy Minister or Assistant Deputy Minister in health has been an agent of change. He/she is an outstanding leader who inspires and motivates others to think outside the box when developing strategies to address complex issues. Their ability to provide strategic advice and counsel and work collaboratively with colleagues in the development and implementation of strategies that support the achievement of government objectives, while maintaining the highest level of integrity, has earned them the respect with both bureaucrats and politicians. Their ability to lead policy, strategy and programmatic changes and create a strong sense of customer service within the Ministry will have a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of the territory.

This is an opportunity that will allow a strategic leader from the health profession to have a major impact in a government that is committed to driving the health and well being of the territory.

For more information please contact Catherine Van Alstine or Nancy Payne in our Vancouver office at 604-685-0261. To be considered for this opportunity, please send your resume and related information to (please indicate “Yukon Government/Deputy Minister, Health and Social Services” in the subject line).