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Chief Executive Officer

Mega Group

Montréal, Québec

About Organization

Mega Group is Canada’s largest Furniture, Appliance, Electronics and Floor Coverings buying group in Canada with over 600 retail members across Canada. We serve our members from three offices in Montreal, Mississauga, Saskatoon, and in addition, we have Business Development Managers spread coast to coast to assist our members.  Our members vary in size from small family-owned independent businesses to large regional and national retailers all sharing the belief that they can be stronger working together in different aspects of their business.

Mega’s broad mission is to provide the support and services that make independent retailers stronger. One of our core value propositions evolves around central billing that plays an integral role in providing the necessary credit that enables our members flexibility to source product and services from our over 400 approved suppliers. This along with managing our members payables, receivables and cashflow with approved vendor partners supports the financial needs of our membership. Mega offers innovative retail solutions with structured marketing, merchandising and buying programs, sales management, store design, and operational systems, all to help improve efficiencies in their business and market share in their trading area.

By continually following the consumer’s path to purchase our marketing and merchandising programs have evolved and we now focus our resources primarily on digital business support. The goal is to integrate the digital and physical shopping experience into one seamless process for the consumer and allow them to purchase in whatever method they wish. Our digital platform includes elements of digital marketing, virtual catalogues, and e-commerce.

Mega also operates the BrandSource retail system.  A branded furniture, appliance and bedding retail banner program it provides marketing, merchandising and operational support to 100 retailers operating over 140 store fronts.  The BrandSource brand is meant to work in tandem with the retailer’s name in his/her market.  The brand strategy is meant to combine the retailers local and authentic brand with being part of a larger national entity.  The marketing and merchandising services work as a combined platform giving the retailer the ability to promote their preferred key vendors.  The marketing/merchandising platform provides a full twelve months of advertising activity in integrated campaigns that offer both traditional and digital marketing support.

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Position Description
Chief Executive Officer

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible to recommend a strategic plan to the Board members for approval and to communicate to shareholders the strategic direction, operational results and overall performance of the company.

The Chief Executive officer is also responsible for the overall company performance (revenue growths, net income, return to shareholders, operating costs, risk exposure), the achievement of the company development strategy and execution of the business plan and to create a culture of performance, high quality services supported by adaptable operation process.

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Chief Executive Officer

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Mega Group has offices in Montreal, Mississauga and Saskatoon.

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